5 Ways to Put Potatoes on Your Plate

By September 6, 2019

September is National Potato Month! According to Statista, the average U.S. citizen consumed 31.1 pounds of potatoes in 2018. That’s a lot of spuds! At events, potatoes can make the perfect side dish. With endless ways to prepare and serve them your menu options are endless.

Here are 5 tasty ways to put potatoes on your plate at your next corporate event or wedding:

1. Fries

Skip the traditional steak and roasted potatoes and opt for steak and fries instead! You can even have a station for guests to dress up their fries with different toppings like cheese and bacon. Let’s not forget-even your options for the type of French fry you serve are plentiful!

2. Homestyle chips

Store-bought potato chips are a thing of the past. Homestyle potato chips are the perfect side for sandwiches.

3. Potato skins

Don’t  forget your appetizers! Potato skins are a great mess-free option white guests mingle at an event. Not to mention, they’re bite-sized, which means you can enjoy more.

4. Scalloped potatoes

There’s nothing more comforting than seeing a steaming hot portion of scalloped potatoes on your plate. This creamy side dish pairs well with any protein you have at your event.

5. Potato salad

Potato salad can sometimes get overlooked as a boring picnic side dish. However, there are so many kinds of potato salad! From a warm German potato salad to a bold loaded potato salad, this dish can be very versatile.

What is your favorite potato based dish to serve guests at your events? Let us know in the comments below!