5 Tips to Running Your Internal Planning Meetings

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Meeting planners hold planning sessions with the intention of getting business done quickly, but most of the time there is nothing quick about it. But planning a successful event requires regular meetings among the staff responsible for planning the event. Keep your next planning session on track with these tips:
  1. Keep the amount of attendees small, about 5-10 staff members. If you have more, try breaking into small groups. 
  2. If there is a “Dominator” in the meetinga staff member who talks too much, too loud or over othersbe direct with them by telling them that they have had their turn and it is time to let the others speak.
  3. You can also give the dominator a task, such as taking notes, to keep them busy and feeling productive.
  4. To engage the quiet ones in the meeting, ask them direct questions like “John, what is your opinion on this matter?”
  5. Schedule the meeting to end at lunch time. If participants know that there is a specific amount of time available for the meeting, they will get their point across quickly and the meeting will end on time.
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How do you keep your planning meetings on track?

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