5 Summer Food Trends to Keep on Your Radar

By July 3, 2019

Event planners and catering professionals received an inside look at upcoming food trends during the 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show, June 23-25, in New York City. The event featured vendors from around the globe and gave attendees the opportunity to sample the latest trendiest products and hear exclusive insight from industry leaders. Check out 5 trends discovered at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show you may want to consider including on the menu for your upcoming events:

1. A new take on mushrooms

The use of mushrooms is on the rise as a healthy alternative to potato chips and meat products. Keep your eyes open for mushroom chips and mushroom jerky or even veggies burgers that include mushrooms as the main ingredient.

2. Boozy Tea

Everyone “of age” has jumped on the hard seltzer train—or has at least heard of hard seltzer products. But could Boozy Tea give hard seltzer a run for its money? According to the Fancy Food Show, the answer is yes!

3. Oat milk products

Almond milk and soy milk have a new competitor: oat milk. Apparently, oat milk is a new trend not just for coffee drinks, but also oat milk ice cream and oat milk chocolate.

4. Popped water lily seeds

Image via bohanalife.com

Popped water lily seeds are prepared like popcorn but contain less fat, fewer calories, and more protein than regular popcorn. Who knew?

5. Veggie-infused puffy snacks

For those who don’t want to snack on popcorn or popped water lily seeds, another new trend is a healthy alternative to puffy snacks like Cheetos. Many companies are making puffed snacks that are made with ingredients like chickpeas, beets, kale, and more!

You can read about more trends featured at the 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show here or here. Would you want to feature any of these products on the menu at your upcoming events?