5 Sandwiches to Serve Up During National Sandwich Month

By August 16, 2019

August is National Sandwich Month and that’s definitely a holiday worth celebrating. Sandwiches are a great option for events and celebrations because they mean less mess for you and guests can enjoy them without needing a fork and knife.

Here are five unique sandwich ideas worth adding to the menu for your next event:

1. Chicken and waffle sandwich

It’s hard to name a better pair than chicken and waffles. Use waffles as buns and put a piece of chicken in between them for the perfect chicken and waffle sandwich!

2. Grown up grilled cheese

Take a bite-sized piece of a grilled cheese sandwich and place it in a cup with tomato soup or bisque for a hands-free version of this popular comfort food.

3. Sliders

When it comes to serving hors d’oeuvres, the smaller the better. Smaller sandwiches like sliders are a great option for guests to enjoy before a larger meal.

4. Macarons

Does a macaron count as a sandwich? The first rule with sandwiches is…there are no rules!  Serve up the sandwich of desserts at your next event for a tasty little treat.

5. Ice cream sandwich

If macarons count as a sandwich, then ice cream sandwiches definitely count! Consider having an ice cream sandwich bar for your guests where they can choose the cookies they want on the outside and the flavor of ice cream they want on the inside!.

What kind of sandwich are your guests going to enjoy during National Sandwich Month? Let us know in the comments.