5 Party Planning Tips for Your Next Summer Bash

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Make the most out of the longer days ahead by having a summer soiree! Host your attendees in style with some DIY projects and tasty summer treats that will definitely attract some attention. The Good Housekeeping blog has 50+ genius summer party ideas for easy entertaining. Here are our top 5 tips that will really heat up your event.

  1. Fruity Florals– Hollow out mini watermelons and pineapples then place flowers inside the rind. The flowers inside the fruit make for a different take on the typical flowers in a vase. In addition, the fruit that was scooped out can be used in a fruit salad that you can serve to guests.
  2. Summer Essential Stations– Set out supplies to beat the summer heat. Stations that have sunscreen and bug spray will keep attendees free of pesky bugs and irritating sunburns. This idea can prevent your guests from leaving an outdoor event early.
  3. Sangria– Nothing screams summer like a refreshing sangria. Use different fruits and types of wine to make for a colorful, invigorating beverage that attendees will love.
  4. Freeze Fruit– Instead of making popsicles for your guests, you can freeze fruits like strawberries and kiwis then add them to water. They will add a touch of color to the glasses that you can correlate with your event theme.
  5. Birdcage Lanterns– For a vintage table centerpiece, grab some bird cages and place candles in them. This idea will be a hit if you decide to have a garden or whimsical event theme.

Did you find any of these ideas helpful? Tell us which idea you would consider using at your next event in the comments!

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