5 Fashionable Ideas for Spring Brunch

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Breakfast + lunch. The portmanteau has become a weekend essential for people of all ages. That’s right, we’re talking everyone’s new favorite mealtime-brunch! Check out five design-forward brunch features we think your event attendees will love to see come to life.

  1. Table Settings– Pastel colors with metallic accents are trending this spring season. Add a whimsical feel to your tables by featuring colors like ivory, rose gold, baby blue, and green.
  2. Mini Bites– Skip the full entrees and give your guests finger foods to enjoy instead. Options like skewered donut holes and mini parfaits are easily portable for mingling guests.
  3. Watercolor pastries– Continue with the soft color scheme on your pastries. Goodies such as light blue macarons and ombre decorated cakes will look great with the table setting décor.
  4. Citrus Fruits– Add a pop of vibrant color to your catering tables. Place fresh oranges, grapefruits, and mandarins on the tables in front of the finger foods and anchor the menu cards to them
  5. Mimosa Station– What’s brunch without some bubbly? Set up a mimosa station using assorted fruit juices so that attendees can customize their beverage flavor. If we’re being completely honest with ourselves, we all know mimosas are the BEST part of brunching!

Check out some more great ideas from BizBash for pulling off the perfect brunch this season. Let us know what your favorite part of events featuring brunch is in the comments.


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