4 Ways to Utilize Instagram Live for Your Event During Quarantine

By May 21, 2020

Instagram Live is a feature on the popular photo sharing app Instagram that allows users to stream live video from the app. This feature can be used to promote brands, products, and even events! Here are a few best practices for utilizing and maximizing  Instagram Live during quarantine.

  1. Promote the event ahead of time

There’s no point in having an Instagram Live if there aren’t any viewers! Promote the time and date of the Instagram Live to your  social media pages so your followers will know when to tune in. As a bonus, Instagram will send a notification to your page followers who are currently online Instagram at that time you go live that you’re doing a live stream.

  1. Have a Q&A session

Having a live Q&A session can allow you to answer a lot of frequent questions about your event, such as its new date and any new details that are available. Instagram has a feature that allows users to ask questions ahead of time so the account hosting the Instagram Live doesn’t have to wait for questions to roll in as the video starts. You can also have viewers submit live questions in the comment thread.

  1. Go live with someone else

Whether it’s an event speaker, someone on the event planning team, or even an attendee, going live with someone else has its perks. You’ll likely have more viewers and engagement. Talk up your event as much as you can to keep attendees excited!

  1. Share your Instagram Live after it ends

The app will allow you to share your Instagram Live to your Instagram story or feed once it has ended. That way, attendees that missed the Instagram Live can still see what they missed.

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