4 Ways to Promote Your Event on Twitter

By March 13, 2020

We all know that word travels fast – but it travels even faster on Twitter. That’s why Twitter is such a great way to promote events. Here are a few tips for promoting your next event on Twitter.

1. Event hashtag

It’s 2020 and your event must have an event hashtag to engage attendees. Plus, it’s an easy way to monitor what people are saying before, during, and after your event. You can also incorporate your hashtag into your event décor, photo booths, or on giveaways for attendees.

2. Get everyone involved

Whether it’s your event speakers, committee members, or sponsors, make sure everyone involved with the event knows to be actively posting about the event on Twitter. Ask them to  use your hashtag and tag the event’s Twitter handle in each post. If they are a speaker, the hashtag could even be strategically placed on their accompanying slide decks as an ever present reminder for attendees.

3. Utilize photos & graphics

Let’s face it: boring tweets will go unnoticed. When you’re posting about your event, include a photo or interesting graphic. This could include photos from previous events or even your event flier!

4. Incentivize tweeting at your event

Encourage attendees to tweet during your event to share what they’ve learned and why they’re enjoying the event. Have a drawing for everyone that has used your event hashtag throughout the event!

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