4 Tips to Improve Event Instagram Pictures

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There are 60 million new photos uploaded to Instagram each day. With all that uploading, don’t let your photo get lost in the sea of ordinary pictures. Popular Photography has tips for improving your Instagram photography and here are our four tried and true favorites:

  1. Plan Ahead– Quality Instagram photos take planning. Angles and lighting are important when snapping the perfect picture. Have a general idea of the photos you want to capture BEFORE your event happens.
  2. Golden Hour and Blue Hour– Be cognizant of light because lowlight and backlight are problematic for mobile phone cameras. Here are some helpful tips regarding Golden Hour and Blue Hour you should take into consideration when planning the time of your event!
  3. Horizontal Pictures– Instagram has requirements that force your photos to be more square than rectangle. To make capturing this type of photo easier, holdyour phone horizontally. This will make it easier for you to crop your images to fit the standard Instagram picture specifications.
  4. Hashtags– Hashtags can be effective when used correctly. Try not to add too many hashtags to your pic, as it makes it seems like spam and it can deter users from following your page. Instead, keep the hashtags relative to your picture.

Take a look at our Instagram page to get some ideas for your profile. Share your Instagram handles with us in the comments below for a follow!

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