4 Tips for Engaging with Attendees After Your Event

By October 9, 2020

Post-event engagement with attendees is so important because it can build brand loyalty and ongoing interest in your future events. After all, your contact with attendees shouldn’t end when they exit the venue or virtual platform! Here are a few tips for engaging attendees after your event.

1- Get their feedback

You’ll still have your event attendees’ contact information after the event! Post-event surveys can help you understand what worked well at your event and what you should change for your next to better meet attendee’s expecations.

2- Utilize social media

From sharing event photos, videos, and recap posts to updating your followers on plans for the next event, post regularly on social media to keep attendees engaged. We recommend at least once a week so that your event stays on your potential attendee’s radar.

3- Consistency is key

In between events, email attendees on a set schedule about event-related topics including content from event speakers, recap videos, and more. Once there is a date for your next event, you can encourage registration.

4- Hold a post-event contest

Everyone loves the chance to win a prize! Hold a post-event contest on social media, such as asking attendees to share their favorite event moment using the event hashtag or sharing photos from the event. The prize could be a complimentary registration to your next event.

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