4 Tips for an Effective Event Hashtag

By August 29, 2019

Event hashtags swept the nation a few years ago and are now essential for your social events, conferences, and weddings. Did you even have an event in 2018 if you didn’t have a hashtag? All jokes aside, hashtags can be helpful marketing tools for your event because they are unique and easy to track. Here are our four favorite tips on how to have an effective event hashtag.

1. Make it unique

If you want your event hashtag to be used specifically for your conference or wedding, your hashtag has to be unique! The hashtag #SmithWedding populates 29,000 pictures on Instagram. Use alliterations and words affiliated with your event to create the perfect hashtag. For example, instead of keeping it basic with #SmithWedding get clever by using #SmithSquared or #SoonToBeSmith.

2. Keep it short

Long hashtags are hard to remember—and spell! The shorter the hashtag, the more memorable it will be. Plus, it will be easier to fit into social posts on channels like Twitter where every character counts!

3. Use it as often as possible

From the moment you come up with your hashtag, use it as much as possible. From social media to event signage, consistency is key!

4. Track it post-event

Your event is over… now what? Hashtags can be used on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Search your hashtag on all social sites and read through what people are saying about your event and using social tracking tools to track the impact of your hashtag. You can use this information disclosed by attendees to make changes and enhancements to your next event!

What are some ways you’ve used hashtags at your events? Comment and let us know!