4 Tips for a Socially Distanced Summer Wedding

By June 26, 2020

As quarantine measures are being lifted around the country, many couples can move forward with their summer wedding. Despite a tentative return to normalcy it’s still important to implement safety measures to ensure guests stay safe. Here are a few tips on practicing social distancing at a summer wedding:

1-  Hygienic Goodie bags

Give guests a goodie bag when they arrive at the wedding that includes things like travel-sized hand sanitizer, custom facemasks that tie into the wedding’s theme, and hand wipes they’ll be able to use throughout the event. You can even add custom labels for a personalized touch!

2-  Skip the buffets

Instead of serving food family-style or using buffets, serve a plated meal with waiters and waitresses. This will eliminate crowds of people gathered near the food and using the same serving utensils.

3-  Rethink the venue

For a wedding with an indoor venue, consider moving part or all of the wedding outdoors. Evening weddings in the summer provide great lighting for photos and a large tent can be used to keep guests cool.   

4-  Space chairs out

Help your guests practice safe social distancing during the ceremony by spacing out clusters of chairs in groups no larger than six and six feet apart from the next closest group of chairs. You can also implement this during the reception by limiting the number of chairs available at tables.

Here at MEET, we provide the flexibility to host a wedding that utilizes both our indoor and outdoor spaces and tenting your outdoor space is no issue either. Visit our website and take a virtual tour of our space today!