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A picture is worth a thousand words, and for event planners this couldn’t be more true. Photography has become the backbone of event marketing and without it, guests might not attend without a visual representation of what to expect. Meetings Imagined and Event Manager Blog have given event professionals six steps to consider when snapping your occasion. Here are the top tips that we think will your event picture perfect.

  • Lighting– Nothing is worse than a photo with bad lighting! Take into consideration nighttime or outdoor events and the materials you need to create a flawless photo. Popular Photography has awesome lighting tips to take into consideration when planning your event.
  • Theme – If you’re using photography to market your event, be sure to capture the theme! Take pictures of the food, beverages, and décor to convey the image you want to be perceived.
  • Variety- Set up spaces for candid shots vs. staged shots. Too many of the same shots can make the event looked overly planned and robotic. Guests need to enjoy the time they are having at the event.
  • Professionals- If you can’t find the time or the patience to think about all these things yourself, hire a professional! Obtaining high quality photos can be worth the price if you plan on marketing it to the public.

Let us know your tricks for creating a picture perfect event in the comments section below!


Photo Credit: Orange Soda Photography

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