4 St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails for Your Lucky Guests

By March 5, 2020

Everyone’s favorite March holiday is right around the corner! Celebrate accordingly by serving one of these festive St. Patrick’s Day cocktails at your next party or event.

1. Sparkling shamrock

This festive drink combines melon liqueur and champagne to create a bright, crisp cocktail. Get the recipe on the Pretty Plain Janes blog.

2. Green smoothie

Cocktails aren’t for everyone! A fresh green smoothie would be the perfect start to a morning St. Patrick’s Day meeting or event and will help keep your guests energized and focused.

3. Green beer

You can’t go wrong with this St. Patty’s Day classic! Contact a local brewery in your area to see if they offer a seasonal green beer you can serve at your event.

4. Irish cream martini

Irish cream is the perfect base for any dessert cocktail. Try this Irish cream martini to end the night at your St. Patrick’s Day event! The luck of the Irish is on your side because Baileys has already crafted the perfect recipe.

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