4 Secrets for Sponsorship Success

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Finding a sponsor for your next event can seem like a formidable task. Event sponsorships have a significant role in event revenues. One recent study shows that 63% of event managers rely on sponsorships as a significant source of income. Planning Pod has 14 simple steps showing how to get sponsors for events.  Here are a few that we think are crucially important.

  • Customized Packages– Depending on how interested your sponsor is in your event, you can separate your offerings into ‘levels’ or ‘packages’. Example: gold, silver, bronze packages. This way, you can attract multiple sponsors for your event!
  • Approaching Sponsors– Be personal and concise in your initial approach when trying to acquire a sponsor. Make sure you know what your end goal is before reaching out to them with a bunch of unnecessary information.
  • Involvement– Keep sponsors involved and informed throughout the entire process. Your relationship (and future relationship) depends on it. A successful event not only benefits you, but your sponsor as well.
  • Share Information– Sponsors love to hear what an amazing time your guests had at the event. Keep an eye on social media to see what your event attendees have to say and relay the feedback.

Have you recently hosted an event with a sponsor?  Let us know some tips that you found useful in the comments section below.


Bacardi’s, Bombay Sapphire, sponsored the martini ice bar in honor of Mayor Goodman at the Grand Opening of MEET Las Vegas

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