4 Practical COVID-19 Wedding Favors

By September 16, 2020

As quarantine measures are being lifted around the country, many couples are considering moving forward with their fall and winter weddings. However, it is still important to implement measures to keep guests safe, such as social distancing. Here are a few practical wedding favors to consider for an upcoming wedding.

  1. Matching face masks

Image via PicturePerfectPapier on Etsy.com

Face masks can now be customized in different colors with different text. Consider purchasing face masks for guests that fit in with the color scheme of the wedding or even have the date printed on them!

2. Personalized hand sanitizer

Image via Modparty on Etsy

Even before the pandemic, hand sanitizer made for a useful party favor. Customize hand sanitizer using stickers and distribute to guests to use as they mingle.

3. Reusable drinking glasses

Image via Myers Maison

At weddings, it can be easy to accidentally pick up someone else’s drink, and that’s something you don’t want to happen. Give each guest a personalized, reusable drinking glass to carry around with them throughout the night. They can even take them home when the night is over.

4. Custom playing cards

Image via Shutterfly.com

Customize decks of playing cards for guests to take home after the wedding. They’ll be perfect for a game night in!

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