4 DIY Projects to Give Your Event a Custom Feel

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Show off your creativity and make the most of your event budget with DIY projects.  Construct new pieces that add a personal touch to your event’s theme, while coming up with completely original ideas that are unique.  Event Manager Blog has 17 creative DIY event ideas that professionals can use to produce new concepts that attendees will love. Here are four ideas we think guests will find exciting!

  1. Signage– Having signage at an event is important to let the guests know directions or incorporate the event’s theme. Hand-painting wooden boards adds a rustic touch and gives the event a more personal touch.
  2. Barrel Buffet– Set up your buffet on top of wooden barrels to create a table. This concept would be particularly ideal if you are having an event that requires wine and cheese as appetizers!
  3. Place Cards– Let guests know where to sit by creating your own place settings. You can use stencils to cut out shapes that match your theme, then write names of attendees on the cards.
  4. Custom Photo Frames– Create a picture frame that guests can use when taking pictures at the event in a photo booth or at a step-and-repeat. Adding the official event hashtag on the frame doubles as a great marketing aspect.

Have you incorporated any DIY projects in your events in the past? Let us know what you created in the comments section below.DIY

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