4 ‘Cool’ Ice Cream Ideas to Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

By July 25, 2019

July is hot all across the United States – and especially in Las Vegas. Did you also know it’s National Ice Cream Month? Celebrate accordingly by incorporating the cool, sweet treat on the menu of your next summer wedding or event!

1. Have an ice cream food truck

Food trucks are very trendy these days. A quick search on the Internet will tell you if there’s a food truck that serves ice cream in your area. Odds are, there is! At MEET Las Vegas, our outdoor space allows room for plenty of food trucks.

2. Create your own ice cream flavor

Clients that want to serve ice cream at their event can meet with a local creamery to design a custom ice cream flavor to share with guests on the big day that ties into their event theme.

3. Serve ice cream cocktails

Shake up your traditional cocktail by adding a scoop of sorbet on top for a refreshing treat for your attendees.

4. Assemble a loaded ice cream bar

Consider cookies to make ice cream sandwiches, bananas to make banana splits, and all the toppings your guests could want! Make their dessert experience an engaging and custom one that will also help them beat the heat.

What is your favorite way to serve ice cream? Comment below and let us know!