3 Ways to Practice Social Distancing During Event Registration

By June 1, 2020

Tightly packed long lines and crowded atriums during event registrations is a thing of the past. The future of event registration may never look the same once life begins to resume as normal in a post COVID-19 world. Check out a few simple ways to practice social distancing during your event registration.

1-Event app

If your event has its own app, there’s likely an in-app tool you can set up for attendees to register themselves once they arrive at the event. By allowing them more freedom to check-in to your event you can eliminate the need for close gathering at a traditional registration desk. As an added bonus, this method is also environmentally friendly, because you can also include many materials in the app, such as handouts and brochures that will help reduce paper waste.

2-Set up dividers

For in-person registration, set up dividers that will ensure attendees stand six feet apart while they wait in line to register. Don’t forget to set up hand sanitizing stations throughout the space as well.   

3-Use QR codes

Create QR codes that will allow attendees to scan into the event with their own smartphones, reducing the need for hands-on interaction with registration event staff Simple as that!

At MEET Las Vegas, we will do everything we can to ensure your attendees are practicing measures to stay safe. Visit our website and take a virtual tour of our space today to discover our unlimited capabilities!