3 Ways to Incorporate Fall in Corporate Events

By September 6, 2018

Now that Labor Day has passed, it’s time to start preparing for your fall-season events! One of the best ways to welcome autumn is to plan a corporate get-together with all of your employees to help them finish the latter part of the year strong. Over 50 fall event ideas are listed in the BizBash blog, and we’ve picked three ideas that we think every company should utilize.

  1. Venue Games– Fall kicks off the competitive spirit with the start of the football season. Bring that edge to your corporate event by having friendly competitions hosted at your venue. Things like scavenger hunts that utilize venue space can be entertaining for all participants.
  2. Outdoor Spaces– Everyone loves enjoying the cooler temperatures autumn has to provide after the scorching temperatures of the summer months. Outdoor spaces can offer a rejuvenating feeling and even give staffers some amazing views to enjoy. At MEET, our main floor has doors that open to an outdoor pavilion allowing indoor and outdoor spaces to be combined.  Pro Tip: Use colors like orange, yellow, and red in your set-up to embody the fall spirit like in the picture below!
  3. Motivational Speakers– Motivational speakers can inspire workers to succeed and turn over a new leaf and help finish the year strong!

Would you consider using one of these ideas while hosting a corporate party? Let us know in the comments section.

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