3 Ways to Include Event Sponsors at Hybrid Events

By November 20, 2020

With a mix of both virtual and in-person attendees, hybrid events are a great way to transition back to in-person events after COVID-19. Hybrid events allow for more attendees (there’s no limit to virtual attendees) and can lead to additional exposure for event sponsors. Here are a few ways to include event sponsors at hybrid events.

  1. Branded swag

Conference swag for attendees can include shirts, reusable bags, hand sanitizer, and more. A great way to include sponsors is to have their logo on some of the swag items. In-person attendees can get their swag bag at registration and swag bags can be mailed to virtual attendees so they can still feel like they receive the full event experience.

  1. Social media promotion

Social media messages can reach both remote and in-person attendees. On your event social media pages, make sure to thank the sponsors and highlight their involvement with the event, including their different sessions, expo booths, or Q&As. If your event features a social media feed or wall this could also be an additional branding opportunity for a sponsor.

  1. Live sponsor session

Have your sponsor host a live session to engage with attendees that is geared towards services they offer or a topic they’re knowledgeable on. Both in-person and virtual attendees can easily watch the session.

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