3 Ways to Engage with Event Attendees on Instagram

By February 12, 2021

Instagram can be a great resource to promote events and engage with attendees. Keep in mind, people don’t come to Instagram to read – they come to scroll. Here are three ways to engage with your event attendees on Instagram.

  1. Speaker reveals

Build hype for your event by revealing event information to your followers! As you learn who will be speaking at your event, let your followers know you’ll soon be revealing who it will be. Attendees will definitely be coming back to check.

  1. Hashtag challenges

An event hashtag can be used to keep track of what others are posting about your event. Encourage attendees to use your event hashtag when posting on social media throughout the event. During hybrid or virtual events, your event hashtag is a great way to see where everyone is attending.

  1. Live Q&A

Utilize the Instagram Live feature to host a live Q&A for your attendees. Event organizers can answer questions about registration, the agenda, and even questions about your event platform. Be sure to let your followers know ahead of time when you’ll be hosting the Q&A.

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