3 Ways to Amp Up Your Event’s Entertainment with Local Musicians

By February 5, 2019
Local Rat Pack tribute band pulls up event attendees to dance their closing finale at a recent event at MEET.

There are many benefits to hiring local musicians if live music is the entertainment of choice for your next event. Providing local music will add “flavor” to your next event and help you highlight the fabulous talent and unique sounds of your event’s host city. Here are three key benefits to think about when hiring a local musician.

  1. Experience Local Culture – Experiencing a city’s unique culture and history can be fun for attendees and enhance their event experience. What better way to do this than to hire local artists who are skilled in producing the region’s music? Las Vegas, for example, is home to some of the very best Elvis Presley and Rat Pack tribute artists.
  2. Stop Early Departures – End your event with a bang! Scheduling live music on the last day of your event can be a great incentive for attendees to stay until the very end. Therefore, your local musicians’ finale should be promoted throughout your entire event on flyers, schedules, and emails to help attendees remember the final show as they plan their schedules.
  3. Save Money – Often, working with local artists can save you money. Even if you have a larger budget, the money you save from working with someone local is always a big help. More famous artists from out of town tend to bring extra costs, such as security, transportation and lodging, which can all add up quickly.