3 Types of Video Content to Engage Attendees

By February 8, 2019

With the explosion in popularity of video and live streaming content on social media it’s more important than ever to leave room for video content creation in your event budget. Video provides a unique outlet for your potential attendees to feel connected to your event.

Here are three types of video content that when used creatively are guaranteed to engage your audience:

  1. Promotional – Use your video as a promotional tool by posting it on social media and in your email blasts. This can generate hype right before your event used to persuade potential attendees to buy tickets or inform them about all the things they need to “know before they go.” Promo videos can even be used to highlight your sponsors, venue, location, or event staff they’ll be interacting with during  your event.
  2. Behind the Scenes – Shooting some behind the scenes video right before your event such as your speakers getting ready or event staff setting up the event space will get attendees already registered excited for your event. In addition, it will give people who did not register an idea of that they’ll be missing
  3. Live Streaming – This is a form of video that has really started to take off due to its real time nature and the ability to have live interaction with online viewers. While some planners may be under the assumption that live streaming will decrease ticket sales, statistics show this is a myth. In many cases, ticket sales for recurring events are sold faster the following year after individuals participate in a live streaming session.

Video is a powerful addition to your event as it brings a fun aspect for your attendees to get excited and look forward to the following year.