3 Tips to Make Your Event More Inclusive

By April 30, 2020

The key to any successful event is to engage attendees and make them feel included. Here are three tips to keep in mind to make your event more inclusive.

1. Invite speakers from different groups

A recent study by Bizzabo revealed that 70% of event speakers at events across the world are male. To make attendees at your event feel represented, invite speakers of different ages, genders, ethnicities, and education levels.

2. Offer a wide array of catering options

It is important to serve food that everyone at your event can enjoy. Ask attendees about dietary needs and restrictions before the event so you can plan accordingly. This may seem like a small matter but the last thing you want is to have attendees leave your event hungry and cranky because you offered no viable menu options for them.

3. Choose an accessible venue

Will your event attendees be moving around a lot? Will they be using multiple stories of the event venue? What about your attendee’s physical needs? Have you ensured your venue is handicap friendly? When choosing your venue, it’s crucial to select a location that has accessible entrances, bathrooms, and elevators, if needed.

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