3 Tips to Ensure a Safe and Healthy Event

By March 19, 2020

All planners know that events can be affected by many unexpected emergencies and should always have a contingency plan in place. Here are a simple few tips to ensure you host a safe and healthy event:

  1. Stay informed

When there’s any type of emergency that could impact your event, the best thing you can do is stay informed. Stay informed about what your local public health officials and local authorities are advising, in addition to the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization.

  1. Communicate with your attendees

Don’t leave your event attendees hanging! Whether its through social media or emails, keep your attendees up-to-date on the status of your event.

  1. Encourage health and wellness

No matter what the event, it’s always best encourage and promote health and wellness: wash your hands before and after meals, have hand sanitizer readily available for attendees, remember that a fist bump is an acceptable greeting at networking events, and most importantly, stay home if you’re under the weather.

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