3 Tips for Socially Distanced Networking at Events

By June 18, 2020

Providing opportunities for your attendees to get know one another is an essential part of nearly every event. Once events begin resuming, it will still be important to consider how to practice safe social distancing while providing opportunities for  attendees to network. Here are a few ideas for socially distanced networking and ice breaker activities.

1- Audience polling

Smartphones can be utilized as an invaluable tool during events. Engage your audience at the beginning of an event or during breaks by polling the audience. Many event apps come with a polling feature and there are many tools available to create your own, such as Ask the Room and DirectPoll.

2- Online Trivia

Test your attendees’ knowledge with a quick trivia game. Smartphone trivia games such as Kahoot! are free and easy to use—and can even be customized to fit with your event. The person that gets the most answers right wins!

3- Large group “Would you rather?”

You’ll want to avoid networking games where guests get close to each other. Instead of playing “Would you rather?” in small groups, play it as a whole group.! Give each attendee two pieces of paper—one piece has a #1 on it and one has a #2. Ask the “Would you rather?” questions to the group and have attendees hold up their respective piece of paper for their answer.

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