3 Tips for Planning an Effective Networking Event

By February 27, 2020

Networking is a great way to build relationships, establish connections with future clients, or even meet future employers. However, there is a big difference between a poorly planned and well-executed networking event. Here are 3 tips for planning an effective networking event for your clients.

1. Facilitate interactions

Interactions between attendees don’t always happen naturally. Be sure to facilitate the first conversation, whether that’s using speed networking or an icebreaker.

2. Offer food and beverages

Don’t let your guests get hungry! Depending on the time of day, offer light appetizers for an afternoon networking event or something heavier for an evening event. Don’t forget the beverages – a cocktail (or two) might make networking a little easier for some attendees.

3. Follow-up with attendees

Create a Facebook or LinkedIn group that includes and invite attendees from your event to join. This enables new connections to be maintained, and you can let everyone know about your next event.

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