3 Tips for Keeping Event Meals a Germ-Free Affair

By May 28, 2020

Mealtimes at events are a great way to network and take a break from event activities, but if not executed properly can be a breeding ground for sharing germs. Now more than ever, it is important for event planners  to ensure safeguards are in place to prevent the spread of germs during mealtimes. Use these three tips to make your next in-person event safe and clean.

  1. Practice cleanliness

We know this may be an obvious one, but it’s vital your catering staff practice cleanliness throughout your event, especially during mealtimes. Make sure food and beverage staff wear protective gear like masks and gloves. Place hand sanitizer stations around the venue and let attendees know where they can go to wash their hands.

  1. Social distancing

If you are utilizing a buffet at your event, limit the number of people at each buffet so there will be no overcrowding or long lines. You may also consider having multiple buffet lines spread out across the venue to practice social distancing. Do not allow attendees to serve themselves and instead only allow event staff who are wearing the proper protective gear we mentioned above to handle serving utensils. On the other hand, if your meal is a plated, limit the number of attendees who can sit at one table and ensure chairs are spaced out to provide room around each attendee.

  1. Digital menus

If the meal at your event requires a menu, consider moving it online! Many smartphones can read QR codes, which will bring up a website that users can access. Create a free QR code for attendees to scan and look at the menu! This will remove the possibility of attendees crowding around a physical menu to find out their dining options.

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