3 Tips for Engaging Virtual Hybrid Event Attendees

By October 2, 2020

A hybrid event is an event with both in-person and virtual attendees. It can be easy to keep your in-person audience engaged, but remote attendees can present more of a challenge. Here are a few tips for engaging hybrid event attendees.

1- Live polls

Live polls can be used to engage both your in-person audience and the audience attending virtually during sessions or breaks. Many event apps come with a polling feature and there are many tools available to create your own, such as Ask the Room and DirectPoll.

2- Virtual networking sessions

If your attendees at the venue are having a (socially distanced) networking session, don’t make your virtual attendees sit there and watch. Create a virtual networking event so the remote attendees can network with each other, as well.

3- Acknowledge virtual attendees

It sounds silly, but don’t forget about your virtual attendees! During the opening session, address the remote attendees and welcome them to the event. If there’s a live Q&A session at your event, make sure the virtual attendees’ questions are being asked, as well.

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