3 Socially Distanced Activities for your Autumn Events

By September 4, 2020

September is finally here and here in Las Vegas we’re getting ready for cooler temperatures, late nights, and fall activities – socially distanced, of course! Here are a few socially distanced activities to consider for events your planning this autumn.

1. Wine tasting

According to Vivino, fall is the perfect time to enjoy light red and warming white wines. Make your wine tasting socially distanced friendly by using single-use glasses. Ensure your tasting stations have plenty of space in between them so that attendees will have plenty of room to spread out during the event. In addition, make sure your servers are wearing protective gear such as masks and gloves to keep everyone safe.

2. Fall crafts

Fall wreaths and decorations can be so easy to make. Set up individual craft stations at your fall event with all the supplies needed for your attendees to make themselves a fall craft. Ensure everyone has what they need ahead of time, so guests don’t have to share supplies.

3. Costume contest

Whether you want your guests to rock their favorite flannel or, as it gets closer to October, show up decked out in their funniest Halloween costume, it’s easy to have a socially distanced costume contest! Make sure everyone stands six feet apart as they show off their best look.

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