3 Social Media Contests to Keep Attendees Engaged During Quarantine

By May 14, 2020

Many events have recently been postponed, but this doesn’t mean you can’t keep your attendees engaged! With most everyone spending their time at home these days, it’s no surprise that the use of social media has increased over the past few months. Here are a few ways to make the most out of social media while you’re waiting for your next event.

  1. Caption contest

Whether it’s a photo from a prior event or a funny meme, post a photo to your event’s social media pages and ask attendees to come up with the perfect caption.

  1. Create a short quiz

Create a short quiz for attendees to take, such as a trivia game. Encourage users to share their results in the comments!

  1. Photo contest

Get creative juices flowing with a photo contest for your attendees. Give them a prompt, such as “Post a photo wearing our event gear!” and wait for the photos roll in. Bonus: you can use these pictures for marketing!

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