3 Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

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A crowd favorite at any event or party always happens to be the photo booth. Don’t be afraid to take the next steps when creating one for your occasion! Biz Bash has 17 interactive photo booth backdrop ideas for your event that will keep attendees talking long after the party has ended.  Here are three ideas that we think would make for some great photo memories.

  1. Oversized Picture Frame– Build an oversized picture frame and have guests take pictures inside the frame. Also, set up a scene inside the frame to match the theme of your event. It’ll be like taking a picture…of a picture!
  2. Props- Props are a must when it comes to photo booths. Mustaches on sticks, feather boas, and top hats tend to be popular choices. Event planners should find props that attendees can interact with to make their pictures more interesting.
  3. Outdoors– Use a natural backdrop, like the trees outside, and make the most of this budget friendly option. Most of the time, natural lighting makes for better pictures.

What are some backdrops or props you have used at a photo booth before? Let us know what you came up with in the comments section below!



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