3 Networking Ideas for Hybrid Events

By March 31, 2021

Networking is a key aspect of many events and conferences, which can be especially challenging when some of your attendees are remote. Here are a few networking ideas for hybrid events.

  1. Online photo contest

Throughout your event, encourage attendees to share photos on social media using a predetermined conference hashtag. This can be photos of where they’re attending from, selfies at the event, etc. Both in-person and remote attendees can participate and interact through social media.

  1. Virtual wine tasting

Invite a sommelier or a winery to your event to hold a wine tasting. Safety measures can be put in place for your in-person event and there are companies who will send wine samples for your virtual attendees to enjoy from the comfort of their own workspace. Attendees at your event can get to know each other while tasting the wine and virtual attendees can network through the virtual platform.

  1. In-app networking

There are many benefits to having an event app, but it’s especially great that all attendees can download the app, whether they’re in-person at the event or not. Many event apps include features such as chat rooms and video conferencing, so encourage all attendees to network within the app and get to know someone new.

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