Event Theme Concepts Attendees Will Love

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One of the best ways to keep your events fun and engaging is by planning out a theme during your strategic planning process. Here are three popular theme concepts you should consider executing during your next big event!

  • Seasonal: Playing off different seasons in the year can be a simple and classic way to implement a theme, while still leaving room for creativity. For example, if your event is happening in a land-locked state, bring the ocean and the beach to your attendees during a summer time event with a little “fun in the sun”. If your event is somewhere that rarely sees snow (we’re looking at you Las Vegas desert) bring the beauty and thrill of a “winter wonderland” to attendees by going with a white color scheme and incorporating fake snow, icicle decorations, and more!
Our showroom transformed into a “winter wonderland” in the heart of the Vegas desert.
  • Industry Specific: Keeping with a theme that relates to your client’s organization is a great branding tool. For example, if your client is a pet business then you can incorporate an animal theme. If your client is a boot store, then you can use a country western theme. Have fun brainstorming and doing word association with your client’s brand and customer base!
  • Pop-Culture: If you want your event to remain current with the times consider taking a second look at what is trending in the pop-culture world. For example, popular television show “Game of Thrones” will be bigger than ever as its kicks off its final season this April. Play off its massive following by holding a medieval themed event with decorations, event staff decked in time period costumes, a castle façade entrance for your event, and more!