3 Crucial Emails to Send to Attendees Before Your Event

By November 13, 2020

Effective email communication is key to increasing event attendance. Sending emails to potential attendees can help boost registration, build hype for your event, and ensure registered attendees have as many details as possible leading up to your event. Here are a few essential emails to send to your marketing lists before your event.

  1. Initial invite

First thing’s first – you have to invite your attendees! In your first invite email, provide as much details about your event as possible including when it is, where it will be held, what the big pull is for the event, and of course, a link to register.

  1. Agenda

The full event agenda may not be finalized when you send the initial invitation email. Follow up with your customer list once you have your event agenda finalized. This provides give potential attendees and those already registered all the essential information about the event schedule and what will be happening at your event.

  1. Know before you go

About a week before your event, send an email to your registered attendees with details on everything they need to know before the event. If your event is online, give specific details on how to log into the event and what materials an attendee should have handy to ensure the best event experience possible. If the event is in-person, include details like where parking will be, what time doors open for your event, and what safety precautions your attendees need to take upon arrival.

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