3 Color Schemes to Make Your Holiday Events Merry and Bright

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It’s time to put the fall decorations away and begin planning for the upcoming winter holidays!  This time of year can be busy for planners as clients begin booking their corporate and family holiday parties. To help you plan, Biz Bash created a list of color schemes to make your event merry and bright. Here are our three favorite ideas that we know will make for a fun filled night.

  1. Go Green– Balsam fir, spruce, pine…no matter the variation of the evergreen tree you prefer, these plants are a staple of the winter season. Use the sprigs as part of the centerpiece décor to make for an eye-catching piece. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about watering the décor since it’ll stay green through pretty much anything AND smell fantastic.
  2. Bright Colors– Take on a new perspective with this year’s holiday decorations. Objects that add color, like oranges and cherries, will add a festive feel to any winter décor. If you don’t want to add the colors to your décor, you can add it to your drinks instead.  Something like an Orange Spiced Cider is perfect to keep away the winter chill.
  3. Metallic– Use gold, silver, bronze, or pewter for your tables and chairs to create a sophisticated feel to the party. Metallic options like these are perfect for refined corporate holiday parties and add a classic holiday feel. .

Are you putting together a holiday party this winter? Let us know what color schemes you’ll be using in the comments section!

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