2016 Catering Trends

By September 23, 2016

On August 15 – 17, 500 catering chefs attended Catersource’s fifth annual Art of Catering Food Conference in Washington, DC. During the conference, chefs discussed new and different trends they are seeing in the industry. In case you weren’t able to take part in the conference and are curious about the food movement, we have put together the top three trends recognized by the chefs.

  1. Vegetarian and gluten-free diets are on the rise. Offering only one alternative item for those with special dietary needs will no longer suffice.
  2. Food stations should be thought of as another attendee interaction moment. Caterers should engage with the attendees to give knowledge on the food.
  3. The clod heart cut of beef is a great way to have a nice steak meal while being budget conscience.

BizBash has highlighted a few more trends discussed at the conference. Have you noticed any new food ideas in the last year? Share them in the comments below.

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